With a Chick

Deptford Backyard Chickens

Are Chickens Allowed?

Chickens in a neighbor's backyard were a common sight around Deptford until the 1990's. In the early '90s, Deptford implement a requirement for 30 acres of land in order to have chickens.  Since that time, backyard chickens have regained popularity across the country. In 2020, working with Deptford First, the Township Council revisited this policy and has approved a 2 year Backyard Chicken Pilot.  

In an effort to support the pilot's success, this page provides information about supporting communities, classes and Pilot updates.


Click here to review the Deptford Township Backyard Chicken Pilot Ordinance directly on the Township page.


Need to learn more about backyard chickens in order to build your confidence and set your flock up for success?  We want to help. Click here. 


Have a problem or a chicken mystery you need help solving? Here are some local support groups ready to lend a hand. Click here.

Getting Started?

So you want chickens, but don't know where to begin.  We suggest starting where Deptford First started, with the “Chicken Lady of South Jersey”. She hosts an excellent beginner's class to help you get started with confidence. It is not required for Deptford Township permits, but it is highly recommended. You can find more class information here.