Andaloro Wildlife Mgmt Area 

Our team works with the Township, South Jersey Land & Trust and NJ Fish and Wildlife to restore some of the most beautiful natural habitat we have in Deptford. Overlooking Big Timber Creek, this park has awesome trails that give you a chance to imagine what Walt Whitman may have admired when he spent time standing on the banks of Big Timber Creek.



Deptford Rocks!​

We paint, hide, find and share rocks in Deptford.  If you keep your eye out, you'll often find rocks in Fasola Park, Deptford Dog Park, around Nemours campus...all over town. This gives people a chance to share a smile with someone else, brightening a day.  Almost anyone can participate, it's a great way to get young kids involved in community service. 

Deptford Sustainability 

Wherever our members go in Deptford, they are looking for opportunities to make our town greener.  Whether a walk through Fasola Park double times as an opportunity to volunteer litter patrol or developing a Seed Library or mapping our parks trails, we are always looking for those small chances to help our entire community by making things a little greener. 



Town Watch

Our team strives to have members at all the town meetings to make sure we have transparency into town priorities. Not everyone has time to attend meetings, but that doesn't mean that people don't want to be involved. Our reports back to town can help you keep in touch on your schedule and inspire you to get more involved too.

Old Pine Farm Land Trust 

Deptford First partners with Old Pine Farm to help support their incredible contribution to Deptford. This 40+ acre Reserve is a accessible to everyone to share in the beautiful Woods, attend a Walk in the Wild or volunteer and become a member.



Deptford Food Security 

Food security is an ongoing challenge right here in Deptford.  We are looking for ways to support and address that. Our members have worked with the township to help establish the 24/7 Andaloro Tiny Pantry at 138 Andaloro Way, allowing anyone access to give a donation or take a meal anytime. Even small changes can make a big difference.